Positive Psychology life Coaching is coaching that moves you foward.

Coaching is a series of powerful conversations aimed at empowering the client and improving their lives.

As your coach, I will help you align with your deepest purpose. I will fully support you and hold you accountable while challenging you and being a mirror for you.

We will work together to deepen your awareness and create a fertile environment for you to find the change you are seeking within yourself.

Many of my clients are artists who feel disconnected from their artistic process or feel stuck in their lives. Some feel as if they have lost a connection to their voice. I often hear that their passion has faded because of the “realities” of the business. Many suffer from performance anxiety or stress around auditions or putting their work into the world. Some are simply at a crossroads and wish to uncover more about themselves because they are being pulled in an unexpected direction.

If you want to clarify your goals, work to release limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns, create a greater purpose in your life, and get out of your head and feel what is real in the present moment, then I invite you to consider coaching as a step in moving yourself forward into a deeper sense of purpose and as a way to reconnect to yourself.

Schedule a free 20 minute intro call where I can answer your questions and we can get to know one another and decide if we want to take this journey together.

Guest appearance on “The Believe Show” with Senia Maymin, 1/22/21.

Group coaching with Heather has been a game changer in my business, my career, and my personal life. Her kind and compassionate approach allows each participant to guide the conversation and accomplish specific goals. Through provocative questions and reflection, Heather helps unearth important discoveries benefiting the entire group. I highly recommend this group approach with Heather!  

-Group Coaching Client


Group Coaching sessions have helped me become more aware of my thoughts in a constructive way.  Heather attentively listens and asks insightful questions, helping me come up with possible plans of action that ring true to who I am and I’m comfortable carrying through. I find the group dynamic specially helpful because by listening to each other we’re able to put our own experiences into perspective.
I leave each session having found a new outlook on things and with a regained focus on the aspects of my life I do have control over. And most importantly, with tools and strategies to keep working on my goals on my own initiative. 


-Group Coaching Client

Heather is an amazing coach! She asks poignant, thought-provoking questions and is an excellent listener. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone navigating a challenge and looking to reframe and find solutions. 


– N. Nowitz, (Real Estate Broker) 


I always feel so much more positive and focused after my conversations with Heather. She helps me to find and build on the positive aspects of what is going on in my life without being overbearing or judgmental. I 100% recommend her.  

– J. Hunter, (Performer)  

Heather is exceptional in every way!   

– D. Perkins, (LCSW)



*Please note that I am not a therapist nor a psychologist. I am trained as a life coach to move healthy people forward. If what you need is mental health counseling, please contact a mental health care professional.

As a continuation of The Flourishing Center’s Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) program, I also completed the  Applied Positive Psychology Based Coaching (APPC) program.  This program falls under the International Coach Federation classification as an ACTP accredited program.

A portion of my coaching income will be donated to one of my favorite animal rescue organizations.

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